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“‘The Skyclad Sages’ is a wild ride, and it will elevate your mind!” – J. R.

If you like this blog then you are invited to discover ‘The Skyclad Sages.’  It’s a sensual and primordial novel about the origin of a deeply reasonable (but also ‘spiritual’) philosophy.  The story revolves around the ideas plotted on the the Rose Mandala.

The Skyclad Sages’ is part of  a trilogy that contains the grand saga of human history, from our remote past in the paleolithic, where the central character is the Mitochondrial Eve from whom we are all descended,  to the education of Artemis, a wild young woman of the twentieth century, and on, to our destiny among the stars.  The ‘Life Tree Trilogy’ blends startling realism with a pinch of fantasy.  It entertains as it constructs the worldview that is necessary for the graceful sustenance of our species.

‘The Skyclad Sages’ is also where The Mitochondrial Eve  uses her deep botanical knowledge to. . .  Well you can find out, but it gives a new level of intensity to the old metaphorical ‘tree of life.’

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The people who have liked, or loved, this book generally have also liked: Ursula Le Giun, Elizabeth Marshal Thomas,Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Tolkien, Robert Heinlien, Star Hawk, or Edward Abby.


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